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Carcasa Nauticam específica para la cámara Canon Powershot G7X MKII

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Carcasa Nauticam específica para la cámara Canon Powershot G7X MKII

Fabricada en aluminio marino con recubrimiento anticorrosión.

Acabado en negro satinado.

Frontal con rosca 67 para lentes y filtros.

Cierre giratorio con bloqueo de seguridad.

Zapata superior para accesorios y sistemas de iluminación.

Grip ergonómico para una sujección comoda y segura.

Acceso a todos los mandos de la cámara.

Amplia ventana trasera para visualizar,  perfectamente, el LCD de la cámara.

Salida para flashes de fibra óptica.

Posibilidad de acoplar 1 conector eléctrico de salida a flash.

Orificios roscados para poder adaptar diversos accesorios.

Alarma de humedad.

Posibilidad de adaptar el sistema de vacío de Nauticam (opcional).

Especificaciones Técnicas:

  • Profundidad:  100m
  • Peso: 0.88kg
  • Dimensiones: 146mm (w) x 101mm (h) x 109mm (d)

As shipped, the leak detection system serves as an audible and visual leak detector, but add a Nauticam M14 Vacuum Valve and it becomes a vacuum check system.  The vacuum monitoring system provides early warning for any problem with watertight integrity – which means peace of mind when shooting underwater.

Left View Showing the Locking Port Latch Right View Showing the Locking,
Rotating, Housing Latch
Mounted on Nauticam Flexitray
with Right Handle and Shutter Extension
Close-up View of Shutter Extension
  • Secure, easy to use locking latch
  • Ergonomic controls with size, shape and color differentiation
  • All camera controls accessible
  • All controls clearly labeled
  • Popup flash lever
  • Dual fiber optic bulkhead
  • Integrated leak detector and optional vacuum check
  • Cold shoe mount
  • Interchangeable port mount
  • Standard port: full zoom through & 67mm accessory mounting
  • 1/4-20 tripod or tray mounting holes
  • Sculpted, sensitive shutter release
  • M14 bulkhead port for vacuum valve

Because of the specific camera and lens function of the Canon G7 X Mk II, a special port system is required to fully realize the potential of accessory wide angle lenses underwater.

Standard port for nauticam g7x and g7x mark ii underwater housing The NA-G7X Mk II “standard” port, supplied with the housing, allows full zoom through and features a 67mm threaded front for attaching accessory macro lenses. This port is ideal for mid-range fish portraiture style shooting, close-up, and macro with add on wet-lenses.
short port for nauticam g7x and g7x mark ii underwater housing An optional Nauticam #38701 N50 Short Port with M67 Thread is available, offering precise placement of wide lenses very close to the camera’s lens when at its wide angle zoom position.  Zoom through is not available with this port, but it does offer the widest coverage possible with minimal vignetting for wide angle photography.
3.5 inch dome port for nauticam g7x and g7x mark ii underwater housing A dome port solution is also available, restoring the 84 degree (diagonally) in-air field of view of the lens.  This is a light weight configuration that offers a surprisingly wide angle of coverage.  This port is called Nauticam #38702 N50 3.5″ Acrylic Dome Port.
Inon uwl-h100 Testing indicates that the Inon UWL-H100 (either in the m67 mount or the LD mount) is an ideal wide angle lens for the NA-G7X Mark II.  This combination will result in a diagonal FOV in excess of one hundred degrees (100º).
Zoom through wide-angle underwater lens Nauticam WWL-1 was designed for in-water use.  With the G7X Mark II zoomed wide, will provide a 130 degree field of view, allowing you to get much closer to your subject.
Magnifying close-up underwater lens Nauticam CMC-1 is not just a ‘diopter’ close-up lens.  The Nauticam CMC-1 was designed for in-water use with compact camera lenses.  In optimal conditions, an object as small as 23mm will completely fill the camera’s field of view.
Pushbutton valve for nauticam vacuum leak check system Add the Nauticam M14 Pushbutton Vacuum Valve and take full advantage of the built in vacuum-leak-check system electronics included with the housing.  Before your dive, you create a small vacuum in the housing which the electronics will monitor to let you know if any leak is detected.
Magnifying close-up underwater lens Nauticam LCD Magnifier with Dioptric Adjustment.  Add Nauticam #25123 attachment rails to the rear of the G7X Mark II housing allowing the LCD magnifier to quickly snap on or off.  In addition to magnifying your view of the LCD, the hood greatly reduces ambient light.  This enhances your ability to review exposure, composition, and focus, of your images.

Accessories (not included)

  • 25101 67mm Flip Diopter Holder
  • 71206 Easitray
  • 71207 Flexitray
  • 71209 Flexitray W (also allows for tripod use)
  • 71208 Right Handle
  • 71311 1 Inch Mounting Ball for Flexitray
  • 36316 Compact Handstrap Comfortable handstrap for right side of housing
  • 36323 Long Handstrap Longer version of handstrap for larger hands
  • 25106 LCD Magnifier Enlarge the view of the LCD
  • 25123 LCD Magnifier Rails Allows installation of LCD Magnifier
  • 25221 M10 ball Mount point for lighting hardware
  • 38011 Diffuser

Details and Specifications

  • Depth Rating:  100m
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Dimensions: 150mm (w) x 103mm (h) x 110mm (d)


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